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About Us

JawaSoft is a British owned and managed software development company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2000, JawaSoft has grown to serve many clients across Asia, United States and Europe in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Financials, and eGovernment.

At JawaSoft we speak your language, collaborating on every process in the development cycle, while giving full visibility into our development pipeline to achieve a flexible, receptive environment. We work closely with our clients, focused on their unique needs and business strategy to make sure we deliver high quality solutions that meet open industry standards.

Things We Love

Thinking Outside the Box

Nothing makes us happier than finding a novel or innovative solution to a client's problem. Those are the times when we really feel we are making a difference and adding value to the partnership.

Making Users Happy

We live to make users happy. When users tell us our system is so much better than whatever they had to use previously we feel our mission is accomplished.

Long Lasting Partnerships

We are looking for long lasting engagements - only then can we really get to know our client's business and truly add value. Our two longest lasting partnerships still under active development today started in 2003 and 2009 - we think in decades not months.

Things We Hate

Reinventing the Wheel

Sometimes clients ask us to build software that is readily available as a commercial or Open Source offering. In those cases we try to persuade the client it would be a waste of our time and their money, and try to suggest ways to adapt available software to their needs. We will not take on projects that we do not believe represent value to our clients.

Not Invented Here Syndrome

When confronted with a legacy system the tendency of most developers is to declare it no good and offer to write a completely new system from scratch. We understand that legacy systems contain a wealth of business knowledge encapsulated over many years and always try to migrate a system bit by bit - we prefer evolution over revolution.

Moving Goalposts

No software project stands still, especially once it reaches the end users. Still we endeavour to properly capture the client's true needs (and not just what they think they need) at the outset to minimise the need for rework and changes of direction.

Our Areas of Expertise

Distributed Systems

Starting with Lotus Notes & Domino in 2001, moving through replicated databases in the mid 2000's and on to our current use of CouchDB today we have always been active with distributed systems allowing users to work uninterrupted while offline.

Engineering Projects

We have built several complex engineering systems and have a lot of experience with unit conversions, scientific computations and graphing.

Oilfield Solutions

We have a wealth of oil and gas experience, especially upstream in the domains of wellsite geology and data acquisition. If you have an O&G project we speak your language.

Our Preferred Platforms

Amazon Cloud Services

We have been heavy users of AWS almost since it launched and have built up a wealth of experience, not just of servers and storage but many of the ancillary services as well such as SES for emailing, Lambda for event driven processing and RDS for database hosting.


For Desktop Applications we normally target Microsoft Windows as the dominant desktop platform. We have found the operating system increasingly reliable and capable with recent releases and the development tools are outstanding.

Apple iPad

For mobile applications we favour the iPad - while the upfront costs are higher its global ubiquity make them easily purchased and replaced and it provides a more standardised and powerful platform than the Android competition.

Platforms We Dislike

Microsoft Excel

While Excel is an amazing personal productivity tool, we have had nothing but trouble when trying to build enterprise systems on top of it. Too many business processes run on Excel and the sheets are fragile, hard to version and hard to automate. We dislike developing on Excel.


While undisputably the market leader in the CRM space, Salesforce is a bit clunky even in that application. When clients show us systems they have built on top of the Salesforce platform they are universally horrible, and disliked by their users. We try and steer clients away from developing on Salesforce.

Write Once Run Everywhere

Whether it is Java on the desktop, cross platform development toolkits on iOS and Android, even web apps on mobile, the compromise is always the same - worse performance and an unfamiliar user interface on every supported platform. Where possible we prefer to code native to the platform we are on.



We have been programming continuously in Java since 2001 and even today it powers half our work and most of our server based code.


We branched out from Java to .NET in 2005 and have been using it ever since, largely for desktop projects.


While sounding deceptively similar to Java, Javascript is a very different animal. We are now using it extensively both in web pages and server side.



For sheer performance and ubiquity, mySQL is hard to beat. It has been a workhorse for us for over 15 years, never failing and always performing.


Where we want distributed data and offline availability our go-to database is a noSQL database called CouchDB. Quirky at times, but with a unique feature set, it allows us to build solutions that were otherwise hard or impossible.


Where a binary file format is called for, we now favour the HDF5 file format, a standard in the scientific community. There is a range of open source access tools and support in statistical tools such as MatLab and R.

Our Preferred Tools


We live and die by version control. Currently we prefer Mercurial - every feature and change is performed and tested in its own branch before being merged to the release code. We even use version control to deploy to our production servers.


We track all our work through the open source issue tracker Redmine. While less well known than competitors such as Jira, we find it lighter and more in tune with our workflow.


Our production systems are in use 24/7 and we use pager duty to monitor server health, network connectivity and other health indicators. If anything needs attention pager duty escalates the problem down a defined rapid response tree.

Our Methodology


We are agile by nature, but found the Scrum process at odds with our need to be responsive to client requests. We have migrated our process to KanBan and are happy with the outcome.

Test Driven Development

We were late to the TDD movement but now try to ensure that all our new code has at least 80% test coverage.

Continuous Integration

Now very trendy under the buzzword "DevOps" we have always practiced continuous integration. Most of our systems are redeployed on a daily schedule.

What We Can Do for You

Web Applications

Web Applications are the bread and butter of Jawasoft. We favour Java (Tomcat) or Javascript (Node) for the server code and can code rich web applications for the front end.

Desktop Applications

We can build rich and full featured desktop applications for Microsoft Windows allowing a feature set that is difficult or impossible in a web browser and permitting interaction whether online or not.

Mobile Applications

We have been developing mobile applications for iPad for over 5 years and can integrate them with back end server code to provide 100% online/offline functionality.

Examples of Our Work

Management Reporting System

A system to collect and roll up management reports (both numerical data and commentary) through a multi level hierarchy from field managers to HQ.

Pressure Explorer

A tool for the advanced analysis of pressure measurements from oil and gas wells, designed to accelerate the calculation of pressure gradients and fluid contact depths and allow comparison between nearby wells in an oilfield.

Paperless Cockpit System

A system to allow pilots of business jets to go paperless, including fully managed document control, and offline completion of all flight logs and required pilot paperwork. The system syncs to a cloud portal where management reports are generated.

Sales CRM System

A custom CRM system for the financial services industry providing automated checking of contacts against a government do-not-call registry, and workflows to track contact and promote a lead to a prospect and assign to an advisor.

Trading Systems

Various systems for tracking and reporting on trading positions and managing risk

Field Geology Reporting

A platform for gathering sample and borehole data directly from geologists in remote locations with poor or non existent network coverage, permitting local QA of collected data and periodic syncing to a central server where data is plotted onto geographic maps for rapid discovery and retrieval.